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watec camera Applications

Many possibilities with a Watec camera

The Watec modules are versatile cameras. Applications range from robots, CNC machines to the food industry. Below are some examples with a suggestion for a matching Watec camera module. But, this is only a limited view of the possibilities. If you need more specific information or advice, you can always contact us.

Check, for detailed information about several projects Camtronics BV has developed and delivered over the years. In these projects Watec modules were used, with or without the associated software.

Watec cameras are suitable for monitoring automated manufacturing processes

Milling, CNC cutting, welding
For monitoring automated manufacturing processes Watec offers different modules. The Watec WAT-400D is ideal for this purpose, it comes in a waterproof housing and can be connected with a single cable.

Camera suggestion: Watec WAT-400D

 Watec is in several applications in the agricultural sector imaginable

Harvesting, milking
Several applications in the agricultural sector are imaginable. For example, in the automation of the milking machine the camera electronics support in finding the nipples of the cow. The Watec WAT-240 Vivid is, because of its small size and its automatic control system, suited for such an environment.

Camera suggestion: Watec WAT-240 VIVID


At large distribution centres parcels are checked for size and various other aspects. To support the electronics and software, such as Vision technology, the Watec WAT-902H3 is ideal because of its sensitivity.

Camera suggestion: Watec WAT-902H3

 equippe a watec camera with a WAT-1000 module

Monitoring, inspection
To monitor the flow of visitors and potential troublemakers the camera can be equipped with a Watec WAT-1000 module. This camera has a broad range in the color spectrum and an auto white balance to dampen the variations in weather and visitors conditions.

Camera suggestion: Watec WAT-1000

 Watec cameras are used mecally in the equipment housing

MRI scans, robotic surgery, training
During an MRI scan, patients are observed. This is a camera in the equipment housing. By using the Watec WAT-230 Vivid no obstacles are created because the camera can be concealed in the housing.

Camera suggestion: Watec WAT-230 VIVID

 A camera like the WAT-902B manages to to fill and control
Food production

Checking, filling, packaging
Not so much the resolution but the discriminating power using cameras is important to fill and control. Using a highly sensitive monochrome camera makes this possible. A camera like the Watec WAT-902B manages to deliver the necessary contrast. The camera is very compact, which makes it easy to conceal.

Camera suggestion: Watec WAT-902B

 Watec cameras are often used for recording and studying meteorite and heavenly bodies

Meteorites, planets
For recording and studying meteorite and heavenly bodies Watec cameras are often used. These cameras can, because of their sensitivety, mean the difference to successful shots. The dimensions of the housings are up to 30% smaller than those of its direct competitors.

Camera suggestion: Watec WAT-910HX or WAT-910HX/RC

 Watec camera applications if fistinctiveness is vital.

Support, cleanup of explosives
Distinctiveness is of vital importance in making decisions, for example, in semidarkness situations. The Watec WAT-232S is a camera that is very suitable because of the "near IR" night modus. For remote dismantling of explosives high precision is a must. Distinctiveness is vital. The Watec WAT-231S is very suitable for such situations, because of its high resolution.

Camera suggestion: Watec WAT-230 VIVID and WAT-231S